McGill Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Optimization

Proper Edge Coloring of K8 Proper Edge Coloring of K16

Jointly Organized by School of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program Winter 2002
March 18 (Monday) Burnside Hall 1205, 16:30 -- 17:30
Imre Barany (University College London and Renyi Institute, Budapest)
The minimum area convex lattice n-gon
March 25 (Monday) 16:30 -- 17:30
Adrian Vetta (Math, MIT)
Algorithmic techniques for network connectivity problems
April 8 (Monday) 16:30 -- 17:30
Komei Fukuda (CS, McGill)
Reaching towards the limits of exhaustive search
April 22 (Monday) 16:30 -- 17:30
Keith E. Mellinger (Dept. of Math, Stat and CS, University of Illinois at Chicago)
Projections on Codes
April 29 (Monday) 16:30 -- 17:30
Lukas Finschi (Institute for Operations Research, ETH Zurich)
Complete Combinatorial Generation of Small Point Configurations and Hyperplane Arrangements

Organizers: D. Avis (CS), D. Bryant (CS and Math), K. Fukuda (CS), B. Reed (CS) and V. Rosta (Math).
Coordinators (email): Komei Fukuda (CS) and Vera Rosta (Math)
Mailing List Maintainer (email): Steven Robbins
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