Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar

This seminar is jointly organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Computer Science.

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For other information contact seminar coordinator Sean Kennedy.

The other organisers are : D. Avis (CS), L. Devroye (CS), B. Reed (CS), B. Shepherd (Math), T. Szabo (Math), and A. Vetta (CS and Math).

Also see the CARP seminar series.

Map to Burnside Hall.
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Current Seminar Schedule - Fall 2008
4:30PM in Burnside 1205 unless specified.
Sept. 3, 2008 (Monday is a holiday)
MC 320, 4:30 PM

On the stable set polytope of claw-free graphs (abstract)
Anna Galluccio
CNR, Rome
Sept. 8, 2008

Competitive auctions with collusion (abstract)
Kazuo Iwama
Kyoto University
Sept. 15, 2008

Optimal colouring of the edges of the join of two regular graphs (abstract)
Caterina De Simone
CNR, Rome
Sept. 22, 2008

Special cases of the Vehicle Routing Problem (abstract)
Yoshiaki Oda
Keio University, Japan
Sept. 29, 2008

f-vectors of Minkowski sums of polytopes (abstract)
Christophe Weibel
Oct. 6, 2008

Think locally, act globally: how to search with iterated maps (abstract)
Simon Gravel
Cornell University
Oct. 20, 2008

Branched Polymers (abstract)
Peter Winkler
Oct. 27, 2008

A Fractional Model of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) (abstract)
Gordon Wilfong
Bell Labs
Oct. 29, 2008

Multigraphs With High Chromatic Index: Vizing's Bound (abstract)
Jessica McDonald
University of Waterloo
Nov. 3, 2008

Covering Games: Approximation through Non-Cooperation (abstract)
Martin Gairing
ICSI Berkeley
Nov. 5, 2008

On the Minimum Degree of Ramsey Minimal Graphs (abstract)
Philipp Zumstein
ETH Zürich
Nov. 24, 2008

Recent developments in spectral graph theory (abstract)
Sebastian Cioaba
University of Toronto
Nov. 26, 2008
MC 320 - 4:00PM

A new algorithm for the maximum weighted stable set problem on claw-free graphs (abstract)
Gianpaolo Oriolo
Università degli Studi di Roma
Dec. 1, 2008

On the number of Hamilton Cycles in 3-regular graphs (abstract)
Heidi Gebauer
ETH Zurich
Dec. 3, 2008
MC 320 - 4:00PM

On the coprimality graph (abstract)
Penny Haxell
University of Waterloo
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