McGill Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Optimization

Proper Edge Coloring of K8 Proper Edge Coloring of K16

Jointly Organized by School of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program Fall 2002
September 9 (Monday) Burnside Hall 1205, 17:00 -- 18:00
Alexei Miasnikov (Math/Stat, McGill University)
Data mining in solving hard mathematical problems
September 11 (Wednesday) Burnside Hall 1205, 17:00 -- 18:00
Sylvain Lazard (Inria-Loria, France)
Robust intersection of quadric surfaces
October 9 (Wednesday) McConnell 103, 17:00 -- 18:00 BR>
Gyula Karolyi (Math, Eotvos University, Hungary)
An Erdos-Szekeres type problem in the plane
October 15 (Tuesday) Burnside Hall 1205, 16:45 -- 17:45 (Jointly with Applied Math Seminar)
Dmitry Jakobson (Math/Stat, McGill)
Extremal metrics on graphs
October 21 (Monday) Macdonald Harrington G-10, 17:15 -- 18:30
William R. Pulleyblank (IBM Research, USA)
Proteins, petaflops and algorithms
October 28 (Monday) Burnside Hall 1205, 17:00 -- 18:00
Frank Ruskey (CS, University of Victoria)
A fast gray code listing of the perfect elimination orderings of a chordal graph
November 6 (Wednesday) Burnside Hall 1205, 17:00 -- 18:00
Bojan Mohar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Circular chromatic number of weighted graphs and digraphs
November 14 (Thursday) Burnside Hall 920, 17:00 -- 18:00 <- New room and unusual day
Dieter Rautenbach (RWTH-Aachen, Germany)
Combinatorial reconstruction problems and width parameters of graphs
November 25 (Monday) Burnside Hall 1205, 17:00 -- 18:00
Andrei A. Bulatov (Oxford University, UK)
The complexity of constraint satisfaction: an algebraic approach

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Organizers: D. Avis (CS), W. Brown (Math) D. Bryant (CS/Math), L. Devroye (CS), K. Fukuda (CS), B. Reed (CS), V. Rosta (Math), G. Toussaint (CS) and S. Whitesides (CS).
Coordinators (email): Komei Fukuda (CS) and Vera Rosta (Math)
Mailing List Maintainer (email): Steven Robbins
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