About Elizabeth

Academic History


Elizabeth Patitsas is an assistant professor specializing in computer science education, at McGill University. She is joint appointed (50/50) between the School of Computer Science and the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Her research focuses on sociological issues in computer science education, such as gender inequity, how institutional policies affect how CS is taught, and the development and practices of CS educators.

How to pronounce my last name

Any of /pa’titsas/ (pah-TEET-sahs), /pəˈtitsəs/ and /pʌˈtitsəs/ are good with me. (The original Greek is Πατίτσας.)


Outside academia, I enjoy playing board games, hiking, snowshoeing, and vegan food.

Cats <3

I have two wonderful and cuddly cats, Geordie (left) and Marjane (right).