Elizabeth Patitsas

I am an assistant professor at McGill University, specializing in the sociology of computer science education. I’m joint appointed (50/50) between the School of Computer Science and the Department of Integrated Studies in Education.

What is computer science education?: CS education is the study of how computer science is taught, how people learn computer science, and the societal issues surrounding acquiring a computer science education. For more info, Amy Ko keeps a great FAQ about CS education research.

Within CS education, I focus on the sociology side. I study gender issues in CS education, policy issues in CS education, the social factors which shape CS as a field (such as education!), social theory for CS education research, and the practices of CS educators. I am also interested in disability studies, and the history of computer science.

I am the founding member of the Social Studies of Computing Research Group and a member of the Science and Mathematics Education Research Group.

Email: first name dot last name at mcgill dot ca

Offices: Education 352 (phone: 514-398-4527 ext 00288) and McConnell 231