KDE Development News

Wed 16 Jun 1999 - Tue 22 Jun 1999

More ORB talk. Torben Weis has been hard at work on the ORB issue and the results of his efforts is tinymico, a significantly slimmed down version of MICO that also takes much less time to compile. Torben has been working closely with Kay Romer of the MICO team so it is quite possible that tinymico will be provided as a compile time option in the official MICO distribution. There are a few remaining issues before KDE is ported to tinimico.

On the subject of alternative ORBs, Phil Mesnier wrote in with some clarifications on the TAO ORB.

And in other CORBA news, Kurt Granroth has been surreptitiously working on enabling plain applications written in bash, Python, Perl or almost any other language to communicate with KDE applications without directly using CORBA. Kurt will soon provide us with more details on this exciting development.

KDE 1.1.2, week 4. It has been decided that kdevelop, kdbg and possibly kdoc, ksgml2html, ktranslator and a few other development-tools will be added to the KDE 1.1.2 distribution. The aim is to provide a nice and ready-to-go development environment for Unix developers and potential Unix developers.

KDE 1.1.2 is expected to enter the code freeze stage soon.

KDE 2.0 Improvements. If you're a developer and you have been confused by the new KStandardDirs and locate() stuff, Stephan Kulow has posted a little HOWTO. The point of these changes is to allow KDE to handle multiple directories more intelligently; the user will be able to install applications in /usr/, /usr/local/, /opt/ or any arbitrary set of directories and each application should be able to obtain relevant files automagically.

Another issue that many KDE users have probably encountered is the inability to modify a system kdelnk or system configuration file and then save the changes transparently to the home directory. Stephan Kulow is right on the ball here as well.

KDE Linux Packaging Project. Ivan E. Moore II is back en force and with a brand new homepage to boot. It appears that the project has now expanded to support new unofficial Red Hat packages as well as debs. They have an impressive list of the currently available packages. The Debian/KDE page is here.

Corel on kde-devel? Corel now has a more visible presence on the kde-devel mailing list. In the past few days we've seen messages from 2-3 Corel employees, including this somewhat controversial bug report from Ming Poon as well as a few other messages from Corel employees actively working on KDE improvements or simply participating in the discussion. Nice to see them around.

KDE Quickies. Peter Harvey gave us this brief update on ODBC in KDE. Havoc Pennington reported an interesting new development: Cooperation between the KDE and GNOME projects on a future window manager specification. KDE's own Matthias Ettrich and Cristian Tibirna have joined the fray.

An archive for these KDE devel bits is now available.

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