2009 Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation:
Simulated Humans and Animals

February 23-27, 2009

Bellairs Research Institute




This first Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation aims to further the state-of-the-art in simulation of humans and animals, as well as to define future directions of this research area by bringing together world experts in the field for an intense one-week workshop. Computer animation of virtual humans and animals is an important part of many computer graphics applications, and remains a challenging problem because of the complexity of these systems and the subtleties of how they control movement with respect to style, intent, contact, balance, reflexes, and anticipation.

The workshop will take place at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute and will be held Monday 23 to Friday 27 February, with arrival as early as Saturday 21 and departure as late as Saturday 28. The workshop will take the Dagstuhl seminar format, that is, bring a critical mass of top researchers together in a relatively remote location and soon new ideas will flow. Additionally, the Bellairs facilities are relatively primitive (and inexpensive) and there are no distractions such as those typically found in hotels.

Accommodation is basic (double occupancy only), and with partial board costs approximately 50 USD per day. Reservations must be made through the workshop organizer. Due to space limitations, participation at the workshop is by invitation only.

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