SOCS website design content

I'm submitting three designs that all follow the same basic layout and navigational guides. The photographs or research images used act as place holders and it may be desirable to change them for others.

Webpage Layouts The layout of each page is done entirely with CSS and all compenents are liquid, that is, they scale to fit the size of the browser. The layout provides maximum flexibility and maintains its integrity for all webpage types (with right bar, with horizontal navigation). This layout has been designed for a text heavy website, and the text is allowed to fill the entire browser window once the navigation entities have ended, preventing wasted empty space near the end of pages.

Typeface This design uses the easy to read, modern sans-serif Arial font for most of the text, combined with a serif font for headings, to add variety and lend a traditional feeling.

Colours Colours are very important in conveying the message of the website. The choice of colours are subdued, yet not bland, and traditional without being stale. The colours are not trendy and will age well.

General Properties All the designs have the following properties.


More traditional style. Please see a description of this design. [ front page ] [ webpage listing ]


A modern and fun style. Very simple and original. Would stand apart from the traditional academic webpages, yet remains professional. [ front page ] [ webpage listing ]

NEW Red Toon

The same website as 'Toon' except with red accents to better reflect McGill and with level 2 navigation in a horizontal bar for all pages. [ front page ] [ webpage listing ]


Standard style. This submission is not complete. The header graphic needs to be redone and not all of the webpage types are given.

[ level 1 ] [ webpage listing ]

Please contact me if you have any questions.