Design for SOCS Website

Theme The theme is one that presents SOCS' two main strengths: the tradition and excellence of McGill University, and the technologically advanced teaching and research areas of SOCS. The background imagery is contrasted with the modern research images and modern font and language.

Colours The colours in this design have been chosen based on their ties to McGill's red colour scheme. However, the direct use of primary red would be too bold and also a bit too closely connected to the previous SOCS website. The use of a light maroon colour is complementary to red and provides contrast to grey, white and black.

Header. The background header image comes from a photograph of the Redpath museum building. The photo itself is meaningful, since it symbolizes one of McGill's earliest buildings. The colour wash overtop of the image ties the background photo to the overal colour scheme of the website.

Redpath museum photograph from McGill website.