m o n t r e a l

montreal. a great city in quebec, in canada. montreal is unique in north america and is a safe, cultural, exciting and inexpenive place to live. restaurants abound and people meet at cafés for cafée au laits and croissants.

mile end

mile end is a borrough in between the plateau and outremont neighbourhoods. it is a balanced mix of old and new. one of the main corners, st. viateur and du parc, has the ymca, a sushi shop, le nettoyeur greque dry cleaners, the italian garment shop, milos high end greek grocery and navarino's coffee and patissery.

Link to an article on mile end from maisonneuve magazine.

List of restaurants, services and shops in montreal, concentrated in mile end and outremont.

Selected places in mile end

Toi, Moi et Café - resto / coffee shop. a great, sunny (somewhat smokey) place for breakfast and for buying equitable (fair trade) and biologique (organic) espresso.

Rumi - iranian restaurant on fairmount and hutchison.

Patisserie de Gascogne, Laurier a sunny shop.

Photos of montreal

montreal and mile end photo essay by christopher dewolf

cafe olympico (opendanight) burnt photoessary on mile end café

kaleigh smith