RAM Case Study

In order to show that the RAM approach can handle the modeling of complex aspect frameworks, we applied RAM to model AspectOptima, an aspect-oriented framework for the generation of transaction middleware. The current version of AspectOptima has 29 individually reusable aspects, and 6 conflict resolution aspects.

The complete RAM models of AspectOptima can be downloaded here. The current implementation of AspectOptima in AspectJ derived from the models can be downloaded here. Extensive documentation on how the code was obtained from the models can be found here.

The case study leads us to believe that RAM provides scalable and consistent multi-view modeling. Support for aspect-orientation and for dependencies among aspects allows the developer to modularize concerns at multiple levels. Enforcement of correct aspect reuse, and simple model checking performed on the views of the final woven model ensure global view consistency. In order to make a conclusive statement, however, further experiments are necessary.

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Last modified: November 23, 2015, Jörg Kienzle