Computer Science 308-435B Basics of Computer Networks

Computer Science 308-435B

Basics of Computer Networks

McGill University, Winter 2001


Hans Vangheluwe
Office Hours: Thursday: 10:00 - 13:00, in room MC328

Teaching Assistants

Chak Wai So
Office hours: Wednesday 11:30 -- 13:00, in room MC322
Mr. So will answer your questions on assignment subjects. For other questions: ask the instructor after class.
As of 3 April, Mr. So will no longer have office hours. Please see Dr. Juan de Lara with questions about TCP/IP.

Dr. Juan de Lara
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 -- 13:30, in room MC202 (Modelling and simulation lab).
Dr. de Lara will answer your questions regarding TCP/IP programming (and in particular the TCP/IP assignment).

Course Outline

This course presents a survey of several topics in Computer Networking. You are expected to have at least some general experience with networking and network applications at the user level, as well as the ability to program in C.

The course is divided into 2 modules.
The modules are:

At the end of the course you should be comfortable in dealing with any of the above topics.

Course Evaluation

Assignment grades and exam grades are not negotiable !




Class Materials

Class transparencies


When working in a team, each team member must submit individually in VisualCM ! The submitted material should explicitly mention the team members as well as which part of the assignment they worked on.

Grades (assignments, midterm, final, total)

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Hans Vangheluwe