Setting up CVS in Eclipse

(courtesy of Isaac Yuen )
  1. After you receive your team name (i.e. 'cs303-xx' ), you will need to create a CVSROOT directory in the path /xtra/2007/cs303/cs303-xx on :
    1. Use PuTTY or some other ssh program to login in to
    2. Type cd /xtra/2007/cs303/cs303-xx
    3. Type mkdir CVSROOT
    4. Remember to change the access permission so that your teammate can acess it as well: chmod 770 CVSROOT


  2. In Eclipse, open the CVS Repositories perspective (Window>Open Perspective>Other>CVS ...), and create a new repository location (right-click in window and select New repository location). You need to specify the following:
    1. host :
    2. repository path:/xtra/2007/cs303/cs303-xx
    3. user: your SOCS personal login
    4. password: your SOCS personal password
    5. connection type: extssh
    6. use default port : yes (Alternatively, use port 22)
    7. test: yes
    8. You have now established access to you team repository.
    9. To use it, go to one of your Java Project and with the context button select Team -> Share Project