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Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Philosophy,
Summer 2000

The Nature of Mathematical Reasoning

Dirk Schlimm

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Here are some links to web-pages which contain material related to the course.
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Early history of mathematics:

  • The cave of Lascaux. About 30000 year old paintings and drawings. Great website!
  • More pictures from Lascaux. Also links.
  • Newgrange, Ireland. Built around 3,200 BC.
  • Newgrange, Ireland. More pictures.
  • Stone Pages. Pictures and descriptions of neolithic stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts in Europe.
  • Neolithic Carved Stone Polyhedra. Believed to date to around 2000 BC, found in Scotland.
  • Euclid's Elements, very fun, with moving diagrams!
  • Biographies, etc:
  • For biographies of mathematicians, this is the best resource on the web, the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
  • Information concering Frege can also be found here.
  • What is mathematics, anyway?
  • A Gentle Introduction to the Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme
  • 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification
  • Proofs:
  • Keith Lynn's proof that Pi is irrational
  • Jim Morey's interactive proof of the Theorem of Pythagoras
  • More proofs of the Theorem of Pythagoras
  • Mathematics dictionary:
  • Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics, on-line version of The CRC Encyclopedia of Mathematics. Definitions and facts
  • To look for books in the Pittsburgh libraries:
  • CMU Libraries
  • University of Pittsburgh Libraries
  • References:
  • The Language of First-Order Logic. The official website of CSLI
  • Philosophy section of CMU Library
  • For some advice on how to write a paper, look at:
  • Advice to research and writing, with lots of very useful links
  • Coping with math anxiety, a good resource.
  • Here are some links of general interest:
  • AddAll.com, finds you the cheapest online store for a particular book.
  • FreeStuff, has coupons for online stores.

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