CS566A: Class Presentations (Fall 2008)

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Important: Presentations will be held:
Each presentation is for 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions. Your topic should be registered with Conor (email is OK: cmeagh1 AT cs.mcgill.ca) by November 11. Give him your source document title, authors, journal name or URL.
Deadline for receiving all written material: Dec 1st to Conor MC 232

November 18th

(1) Parya Mamayyez Siahkal

Title: Optimization of Radiosurgery Treatment Planning via Mixed Integer Programming 
Authors:  Eva K. Lee, Tim Fox, and Ian Crocker 
Journal:  Med. Phys. Volume 27, Issue 5, pp. 995-1004 (May 2000)
Paper Online: here

(2) Peter Ochodo

Title: The Integrated Production and Transportation Scheduling Problem for a Product with a Short Lifespan
Authors: H. Neil Geismar, Gilbert Laporte, Lei Lei and Chelliah Sriskandarajah
Journal: INFORMS Journal on Computing Vol. 20, No. 1, Winter 2008, pp. 2133
Paper Online: here

(3) Anton Dubrau

Title: New 3/4 Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem 
Authors: Goemans and Williamson
Journal: SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics - Volume 7 (1994)
Paper Online: here
(4) Han Uk Yoo
Paper Online: here

November 20th

(1) John Lincoln White

Title: Discrete optimization in public rail transport 
Authors: MR Bussieck, T Winter and UT Zimmermann
Journal: Mathematical Programming 79 (1997), pp. 415-444
Paper Online: here

(2) Mohamad Chakroun

Title: Optimal Routing for efficient Internet Networks
Authors: Walid Ben Ameur, Nawal Bourquia, Eric Gourdin, Pierre Tolla
Journal: Universal Multiservice Networks, 2002. ECUMN 2002. 2nd European Conference on
Paper Online: here

(3) Saied Samiedaluie

Title: Optimal Vendor Selection in a Multi-product Supply Chain with Truckload Discounts 
Authors: Theodore S. Glickmana and Susan C. White
Journal: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
Paper Online: here
(4) Zhe Tian
Title: Protein threading by linear programming 
Authors: J. Xu, M. Li, G. Lin, D. Kim, Y. Xu
Journal: Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 8:264-275(2003)
Paper Online: here

November 25th

(1) Theresa Deering

Title: A game theory based exit selection model for evacuation 
Authors: S.M. Lo, H.C. Huang, P. Wang, K.K. Yuen
Journal: Fire Safety Journal Volume 41, Issue 5, July 2006, Pages 364-369
Paper Online: here

(2) Mohamed Konate

Title: Sensor Location through Linear Programming with Triangle Inequality Constraints
Authors: Camillo Gentile
Journal: Communications, 2005. ICC 2005. 2005 IEEE International Conference on
Paper Online: here

(3) Mazen Al Borno

Title: Stable Reduction to KKT Systems in Barrier Methods for Linear and Quadratic Programming 
Authors: Saunders and Tomlin
Journal: -
Paper Online: here
(4) Fransisco Albor Consuegra
Title: Generalized Multiperiod MIP Model for Production Scheduling and Processing Facilities Selection and Location
Authors: R.W. Barbaro and R.V. Ramani
Journal: -
Paper Online: here

November 27th

(1) Keith Dahlman

Title: Solving the Rectangular assignment problem and applications 
Authors: A. Volgenant and J. Bijsterbosch
Journal: -
Paper Online: here

(2) Galina Lobanova

Title: A mixed integer programming model for multiple stage adaptive testing
Authors: Jennifer Edmonds, Ronald Armstrong
Journal: European Journal of Operational Research
Paper Online: here

(3) Victor Vidal-Aguilar

Title: Optimization models for scheduling ore and waste production in open pit mines 
Authors: S. Tan and R.V. Ramani
Journal: 23rd APCOM Proceedings
Paper Online: here
(4) Yann Boulanger
Title: Bid Optimization for Internet Graphical Ad Auction Systems via Special Ordered Sets
Authors: Ralphe Wiggins and John A. Tomlin
Journal: Yahoo! Research - Technical Report YR-2007-004
Paper Online: here

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