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About me

I  am  Athena  K.  Moghaddam,   a  master  student  at   McGill University.  I'm  currently  working  as  a research assistant at Reasoning  and  Learning  Lab, Computer Science Department.  You can view my current research results in my CV.

I've  got  born  in  Mashad  and lived there for 18 years before moving to Tehran, in 2005. Much of that time was spent in high school and middle school which was so amazing time.

Then I started  studing  computer  engineering  at University of Tehran, Departmant of Elecrical and Computer Engineering. My major  was  software  engineering for 2 years before becoming interested  in   hardware.  After  finishing  my  studies  there  I moved  to  Canada  and  I'm  currently  working  on the Smart Wheelchair project under supervision of Joelle Pineau.

You  can  rarely  find a subject that I'm not interested in. I love playing music,  specially  my taar which is a traditional Iraninan instrument. I  love  painting,  dancing,  sculpture and any other subject  related  to  arts.  I even  love  doing  sports like biking which  are  in contact swith nature. My dream job is being florist and floral designer.