Fun Stuff

LOTR hash table

An odd hash table implementation. One of my first programming assignments.

Computer Animation videos

These are some videos I created while taking COMP-599 Fundamentals of Computer Animation.

Continuous collision detection for cloth using the method from R. Bridson et al, 2002. A silly, random walk generated using motion graphs. Motion data was captured at the McGill computer animation lab. Eulerian fluid simulation.

Demo scene


In case you ever wondered what a text-mode demo with 80x52 256-colour graphics looked like... :) I taught myself ASM/C/C++ by coding up little demos and I was briefly involved in the demo scene in the mid-1990s. This was the only demo released by my group, Vinlandia. The zip file contains the demo executable, but it only runs in DOS. Enjoy!

Fun with raytracing...