Processing Transactions over Optimistic Atomic Broadcast Protocols

Matthias Wiesmann, Fernando Pedone, André Schiper, Bettina Kemme, Gustavo Alonso
Replication is an area of interest to both distributed systems and databases. The solutions developed from these two perspectives are conceptually similar but differ in many aspects: model, assumptions, mechanisms, guarantees provided, and implementation. In this paper, we provide an abstract and "neutral" framework to compare replication techniques from both communities. The framework has been designed to emphasize the role played by different mechanisms and to facilitate comparisons. The paper describes the replication techniques used in both communicites, compares them, and points out ways in which they can be integrated to arrive to better, more robust replication protocols.
Proc. of the 20th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, April 2000.

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