Team Name: Paranoic

Team Members

  • He Lu: Website UI & Design
  • Borui Zhang: Backend Programming
  • Xinyue Zheng: Backend Programming
  • Siyuan Bi: Website Content Management
  • Yutong Yang: Website Content Management

Room Descriptions

  • He Lu - Living Room

    This living room is the first room that the person will arrive when the game starts. Though this room is very organized and everything seems to be placed on the surface, but you still need to find some useful tools from here in order to escape. Be careful, do not let the brightness of this room captivate you, there is really something important here.

  • Yutong Yang - Kitchen

    Do not let the food distract your attention when you enter the kitchen. Concentrate, you need to find important objects in order to solve the puzzle.

  • Borui Zhang - Washroom

    This washroom is really in a big mess. Now, it is time to keep yourself under observation !! Do not even miss a single corner!

  • Xinyue Zheng - Bedroom

    Do not believe that this bedroom is really as peaceful as you may think. There is a lot of objects in this room and there may be some objects hidden in the drawer or under the table. It is better not even lose a single detail because otherwise, you may risk to miss an very important clue!

  • Siyuan Bi - Haunted Attic

    This room gives people more challenge. It is soo creepy that you feel more than 2 eyes are looking at you when you are here. Moreover, people need to find things in the darkness which is much more difficult. We wish you good luck!