Introduction to C++ -- Course Materials
Winter 2012

Course Overview / Prerequisites

This one-credit course will provide a very basic introduction to the \Cplusplus~ programming language.

This course requires that you have already completed at least one of COMP202, COMP206, COMP208, or COMP250. You should be very familiar with the C programming language. If you are familiar with Java but not C, you should be OK but will find you are behind on a couple concepts (C-style pointers) and ahead on others (object oriented programming). As \Cplusplus builds on C (hence the name \Cplusplus) we'll often look at examples comparing and contrasting \Cplusplus with C. That said, Java is very similar to C syntactically, so knowledge of Java will get you along as well.

Some key differences between C and Java:

Instructor Contact info

Daniel Pomerantz

Teaching assistants are also available to help you with programming assignments and course concepts. Their contact information is available on myCourses.

TA Contact hours

Engin Yildirim
Simon-Keita Brisson

Recommended textbooks

There is no formal textbook for the class. However, I recommend that you obtain one of the standard reference texts on C++. One such book is The C++ Programming Language: 3rd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup. Another highly recommended book is Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo. You can purchase this at
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Java Version.
Available at no cost under the GNU Free Documentation License.