School of Computer Science

COMP540 Matrix Computations

 Reference & Lecture Notes

References in approximate order of increasing difficulty and sophistication:
  • D. Watkins, Fundamentals of Matrix Computations, 3rd Edn., John Wiley, 2010.
  • L.N. Trefethen and D. Bau, III, Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM, 1997.
  • J.W. Demmel, Applied Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM, 1997.
  • G.H. Golub & C.F. Van Loan, Matrix Computations, 4th Edn., The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2013.
The main reference for this course is the book by Watkins. We mainly use our lecture notes, which are available from myCourses

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