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  • COMP 350 Fall
    Numerical Computing
  • COMP 540 Fall
    Matrix Computations
  • COMP 642 Winter
    Numerical Estimation
  • Present Students
    • Xinye Lin (Ph.D), co-supervised with Prof. Xue Liu.
    • Jinming Wen (Ph.D), Mathematics and Statistics.
    • Xiaohu Xie (Ph.D).
    • Siamack Yousefi (Ph.D), Electrical and Computer Engineering, co-supervised with Prof. Benoit Champagne.
    • Xiangyu Ren (MSc).
    • Jiequn Shen (MSc).
    • Jing Zhu (MSc).
    Recent Students
    • Xi Chen (Ph.D, 2012), co-supervised with Prof. Xue Liu.
    • Sevan Hanssian (M.Sc, 2012)
    • Wanru Lin (M.Sc, 2012)
    • Yancheng Xiao (M.Sc, 2012)
    • Stephen Breen (M.Sc, 2011)
    • Wen-Yang Ku (M.Sc, 2011)
    • Ivo Panayotov (Ph.D, 2010), Mathematics and Statistics, co-supervised with Prof. Emer. Chris Paige
    • David Titley-Peloquin (Ph.D, 2010), co-supervised with Prof. Emer. Chris Paige, awarded the Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award by the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society.
    • Mazen Al Borno (M.Sc, 2010)
    • Milena Scaccia (M.Sc, 2010)
    • Xiaohua Yang (Ph.D, 2008), co-supervised with Prof. Emer. Chris Paige
    Prospetive Students
    If you are interested in our research areas, you are welcome to contact us. For those who have background in mathematics, not computer science, you can still work with us by applying to the M.Sc. or Ph.D. programs in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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