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  • COMP 350 Fall
    Numerical Computing
  • COMP 540 Fall
    Matrix Computations
  • COMP 642 Winter
    Numerical Estimation
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    My research interests are in the area of scientific computing, with particular emphasis on numerical linear algebra and its applications. One basic theme is the design, analysis, and implementation of effective computer algorithms, including general purpose algorithms and algorithms for specific applied areas such as estimation theory, statistics, navigation, communications, signal processing etc. Another basic theme is the sensitivity analysis: given the mathematical formulation of a problem, to show what effects changes in the data (for example caused by finite precision computation, or uncertainty in the data) will have on the solution.

    Currently I am mainly interested in parameter estimation methods such as least squares, integer least squares, robust estimation, and partially linear model estimation etc, and as well as their applications in communications, signal processing, localization in wireless sensor networks and GNSS based positioning. I am also interested in lattice reduction.


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