Connecting to the server

Follow these steps to connect to the server.

  1. Open the client
  2. You will see a dialog asking you if you wish to accept a certificate. You need to accept it for the client to function. (since it needs to open a socket to the server)
  3. Enter the actual server name instead of localhost. (Leave the field saying 2400 alone.)
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Enter your Login and Password and click Login. If you do not have a login, you can use one of the guest accounts. Use Guest1 or Guest2 or Guest3... as login (capitalized G) and none as password.

The client


Here is a description of what each field does:

Note: You can press Alt+c to get to the console, Alt+a to get to the answer field and Alt+s to get to the send field.


Here is a description of what the buttons do:


Here is a list of options available. Note that there are 4 tabs (Client, Game, Player and Keys). However, only the Client tab is available when you are not connected to the server. Also, all options are saved on the server except for those in the Client tab which must be reset every time.


Set options for the clients (these need to be reset every time the client is reloaded).


Set values for the default game created. See Creating a game.


Set player options.


Change the default symbols used to give an answer. Reverse sub refers to reverse subtraction (ie:a_b=b-a) and reverse div refers to reverse division (ie:a\b=b/a). These are mostly useful for reverse polish notation. Note that the separator (default .) is used to separate elements (numbers or operators) within a single answer. If you are playing a game with multiple sets, answers to different sets must be separated by space (" ").

Creating a game

To create a game, click on the Create game button. A window will appear where you can select the variant of the game to be created. Then click Ok to create the game. Here are what the entries in the window mean: