From riding for 22 hours on an overcrowded train in lying under a perfectly silent starlit African sky.
From biting into a fresh mango on a white sand beach in snacking on a barbecued tarantula in Cambodia.
From gliding over Victoria Falls on a microlight in being stalked by a pack of hyenas for an evening in Namibia.
From being put up for the night by a Burmese monk atop a holy undergoing a full body search by a paramilitary group in Laos.
From lifting camp at 5600m altitude under -45░C gale force winds in riding a camel in the scorching Sahara desert.
Welcome to Y2K Travels, a website with films, pictures and stories of some of the peoples & places we (Yannick & Kathleen) have had the privilege to come across during our 7 years of travelling together (2000-2007). In doing so, we hope to spread our love for this beautiful planet and encourage responsible eco-tourism and the preservation of our rich global cultural heritage and amazing biodiversity.
Please note that Yannick and Kathleen separated in 2007 (they remain best of friends) and so this website is not being updated anymore. You can check out Yannick's latest adventures on his new website:

Note: A documentary film of our 2005 expedition across the Andes mountain range is available for order. It follows our experience crossing some of the highest deserts in the world, while being completely self-powered and self-sufficient with no communication device, GPS, or backup vehicle.

Download the trailer!
(1min25sec, 3Mb)

You can also download these 3 short films (~10 min each):
The story of a great traveler (.mov, 18.5Mb)
Cycling down the World's Most Dangerous Road (.mp4, 26Mb)
Exploring the Mines of Potosi (.mp4, 26Mb) | version franšaise

And if you're looking for action, check this or that.


Southern CHILE Bicycle trip 4 weeks Dec. 06 - Jan. 07
LAOS and CAMBODIA Bicycle trip 9 weeks June - August 2006
Western BOLIVIA and North-Western ARGENTINA Bicycle expedition 14 weeks May - August 2005
South-Eastern FRANCE and Northern TUNISIA Bicycle trip 3 weeks May - June 2004
BURMA and Western THAILAND Bicycle trip 13 weeks May - July 2003
NAMIBIA, northern BOTSWANA and South-Western ZAMBIA Bicycle expedition 13 weeks May - August 2002
Southern FRANCE, Eastern SPAIN and MOROCCO Driving trip 9 weeks June - August 2001
Southern CHINA, Northern VIETNAM, Southern LAOS and South-Eastern THAILAND Bicycle trip 16 weeks May - August 2000
Other countries travelled in but not included on this webpage (CANADA, COSTA RICA, CUBA, ENGLAND, GUADELOUPE, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, MEXICO, PERU, PORTUGAL & the USA)

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