Colorful downtown Bangkok Life on the busy Chao Phraya river Wat Arun (The temple of dawn) Altar with offerings Row of Buddha statues


The impossible bustle of people and taxis and motorcycles and tuk-tuks, the crammed-together merchandise, the smells both pleasant (rarely) and horrible, the unbelievable heat, the smog, the dogs, the cats...yet, Bangkok has a strange charm, somehow managing to keep a balance between tradition and modernisation.

Buddhist monks on phone

Millionnaires at last!! Downtown Rangoon with trishaws


was just as hot and humid, but a world apart from the thronging, noisy, flashy streets of Bangkok. Barely any traffic lights were working (or anything powered by electricity, for that matter); night life was nonexistent, and so were skyscrapers; WW2 trucks were still in operation as public transport. In short, the city had a half modernly-functional, half decaying-colonial ambience with its own unique appeal.

Praying monk

Girl with Thanaka powder on face Shwedagon Paya, the most sacred buddhist site in Burma Religious ritual and praying old man

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