Pou Samue Mountain

(Week 13 - Thailand)

This moutain was so incredible, and we had such a great time that it deserves at least 2 pages! This is the afternoon of the second day, where I took Kathleen up there and showed her around, from the breathtaking view, to the prehistoric rock paintings, the most beautiful little ponds we've ever seen in our lives, a mysterious X, a hidden temple inside a cave, the out-of-this-world lunar landscape, the crazy rock formations...Check it out:

Action shot! :) check out the Mekong!

'Goddess pond' where we swam for hours!

t'sup! The mysterious X

The hidden buddhist temple

Lunar landscape

AAAAaaahhh! HElp!!! Crazy ROck FormaTions!

Gorgeous...isn't she? :)

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