General Ecology Canada has generously provided us with two of their great "First Need Deluxe" portable water purifiers. Easy to use, chemical free, and effective protection! Check out their webpage for more details: www.generalecologycanada.com
These two water filters worked beautifully, filtering our water was simple and fast. Water was a crucial part of this expedition, everything revolved around it, so filtering became part of the daily routine, and probably saved us from a number of diseases that would have made finishing this trip much harder if not impossible. Additionnally they are extremely small and lightweight, making them ideal for any type of trip.
Serratus gave us a great expedition discount on a badly needed pair of bombproof "Aqua-Not 18" front panniers for our bicycles.
These front bags were great, they held through everything you can possibly imagine (dust storms, wiping out, violent hits, corrugated roads, etc.), I highly recommend them to anyone who needs tough gear.
NRG Enterprises gave us a great expedition discount on a very useful 5L folding water basin, from Ortlieb Waterproof Gear.
This water bowl, was the most versatile piece of equipment we brought along, it is lightweight, and incredibly useful.