Signs & wonders

All of the above.

The first sign we saw on the way out of the Windhoek airport.
That's enough to convince me.
Feral desert horses, some of the world's only wild desert-dwelling horses.
No sh*t!
Oooppss, didn't see the sign...
"If you have a drop to spare let us share
Thanks A+V" (Aloe Vera)
Rock engravings by San hunters, up to 6000 years old!
We'll take the risk.
Don't ask.
Hey, it's the Toco Night club!
That could come in handy.
Typical barber shop.
That'll keep it private.
The Kazungula pontoon border crossing, between Botswana and Zambia.
I guess we're screwed.
Magical twigs, plants, wires, and pieces of rope in front of a witch's hut. She stated she could cure anything from cancer to impotency...So much for western medicine.