Namibia - The road

Southern Namibia, around Fish River Canyon.
The little town of Aus on the way to the South Atlantic coast, last human settlement before the Southern Namib desert.
The breathtaking vastness of the Southern Namib desert, in the Nama language Namib means "vast dry plain".
125 kilometers of nothingness.
Heading North through the central plateau.
Rolling hills on the way to Duwisib castle.
West of Tsarishoogte Pass.
Downhill into the central Namib desert, to Sossusvlei.
Fighting the Northern winds on the way to Solitaire.
Namib-Naukluft national park.
The great desert crossing.
Back to civilization: Walvis Bay coastal town.
Following the Atlantic ocean along Skeleton coast.
Damaraland, North-Western Namibia.
The C39 in North central Namibia, 130km of paved road!
90% of Namibia's road are loose gravel or sand.
Northern Namibia, the impressive Etosha Pan: "Great white place of dry water".
Crossing the Western part of Caprivi strip, heading to the Botswana Mahengo border crossing.

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