Yogesh Anbalagan

I was a grad student in Computer Science at McGill University. I worked with the Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Group.

My advisor was Prof.Adrian Vetta.

I did my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, India.

I graduated in september 2014 from McGill. I currently work as a developer at Ayuda Media Systems in Montreal.

Research Interests

Algorithms, Data Structures, Game theory.


Polylogarithmic supports are required for approximate well-supported Nash equilibria below 2/3.
WINE 2013, Harvard University.
(with Sergey Norin, Rahul Savani and Adrian Vetta)

Large Supports are required for Well-Supported Nash Equilibria.
APPROX 2015, Princeton University.
(with Hao Huang, Shachar Lovett, Sergey Norin, Adrian Vetta, Hehui Wu)

Contact Information

Email Address:

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Room 303 - Theory lab,
McConnell Engineering Building,
3480 University Street,
Montreal - H3A 0E9.