308-767B                    Internet Programming                     Outline

Starting January 12, 1999

[Prerequisites 308-302,251] Sockets, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission
Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), clients and servers. Common
utility protocols: remote terminal protocol (Telnet), Simple Mail Transfer
Protocol (SMTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol
(HTTP). Internet resource databases and search engines. Transactions and
transaction processing systems and monitors. Distributed objects, Common
Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and OpenDoc.

W. Richard Stevens, TCP/IP Illustrated, vols 1,3. Addison-Wesley, 1994-8, 1996
Gary R. Wright & W. Richard Stevens, TCP/IP Illustrated, vol 2. Addison-Wesley,
Jim Gray & Andreas Reuter, Transaction Processing. Morgan Kaufmann, 1993-7

Robert Orfali & Dan Harkey, Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA,
2nd Ed. Wiley, 1998

  1.     Sockets in Java. Client-server. UDP and the internet name server.
  2.     TCP/IP and common protocols: telnet, mail, ftp, http.
  5.     Resource databases: DNS, archie, WAIS, WWW, Search Engines.
  8.     Transactions and TP systems: CICS, X/Open, ..?
 10.     Distributed objects, CORBA and OpenDoc.