Welcome to Mary Ann & Tim's weekend in New York City
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MA & T in New York City

Sat: Broadway bookstores: Strand (12th), Scholastic (Spring); Union Sq. Market; The Frick Collection, 5th @ 70th; Metropolitain Museum of Art; Chez Napoleon restaurant, 50th @ 9th.

Sun: Brooklyn walk.

Photo: M, 2011/12/3
Union Square Market.

Photo: M, 2011/12/3
George Washington at Union Square.

The Met. Christmas tree 2011/12/3
It's a 30-foot blue spruce covered with some 60 18th-cent. angels. In the dark, "Silent Night" begins and the star on top lights. The Holy Family creche starts to be picked out by illumination and the carol changes to "Joy to the World". The lighting grows and the angels on the tree are gradually and individually lit. By the time "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" finishes the whole scene is as you see it in this photo.

Photo: M, 2011/12/3
Stairs in Uni Qlo store, 5th Avenue.

Photo: T, 2011/12/3
At Rockefeller Center.

Photo: T, 2011/12/3
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Photo: T, 2011/12/4
Japanese maple, Boerum Pl, Brooklyn

Photo: T, 2011/12/4
Civil War monument, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Photo: M, 2011/12/4
Audubon Center at the Boathouse, Prospect Park, with bride.

Photo: M, 2011/12/4
Bridge near Audubon Center. (Bride not shown.)


Route, Dec 4.