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President's Report 2007 / Rapport du président 2007

Global warming has not stopped us yet. We had a good winter with the Barbara Clift Ski Day as successful as ever, three "fun ski"s in January, February and March, and five nature walks in May, June, September and October. And we have had a gorgeous fall in which to start clearing trails for next winter.

GNS added a little variety to the nature walks this year, courtesy of the generosity of our neighbours. Andy Hawick kindly invited us to walk on Molson Island in September, and although he was called away, Genevieve met our boats and gave two dozen of us a delightful tour, including historical aspects of the one-time lighthouse, and all the different ecosystems on the island. Many thanks to Andy and Genevieve, to Ian Lee and brother-in-law Wayne McTavish, Andrew Cowell and Ed Markwell for boating us over, and to Jean-Pierre and Nicole Lefebvre for the initial diplomacy.

In October, Christine and Knut Pelzer hosted almost three dozen of us at their bison farm, to see the wonderful animals, explore the woods and fields, and to find a new source of healthy protein. We may be making this an annual outing.

Over fifty people enjoyed one or more of our summer walks. We weren't so lucky with the family fun skis during the winter. The February and March outings turned into walks around Georgeville, enjoyed by a determined few, and only a small group skied in January. We had great weather for Ski Day a week later, with the usual complement of skiers, topped as always by a superb dinner from Nancy Amos.

GNS hosted a float in the Canada Day parade this July for the first time. Thanks to John Boynton for the concept and decor, to Loy Denis for two splendid GNS banners, to David Stanger for the platform, to Ed Markwell for towing it, and to one M.A. for the initial suggestion. The audience had almost as much fun as the five of us on board representing GNS activities.

Bird count day will be coming up on Dec. 28 (Friday, but stay tuned in case of changes), Ski Day on Feb. 2, and more fun skis on Jan 19, Feb 16 and March 15. Nature walks to be announced. Stand by for more innovations! See you there!

Please help us with our innovations by answering the questionnaire we have included on the membership form and waiver. Please send these back early and think about who else might like to join (or re-join) GNS, especially among the younger generations.

We will finish clearing the ski trails after hunting season ends Nov. 18. If you would like to help, please contact Ed Markwell, camar49@abacom.com, 847 4194

We are looking forward to the year's GNS activities, and hope to see you at as many as possible.

Tim Merrett