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President's Report 2003 / Rapport du président 2003

Georgeville, Nature, Ski is starting the winter with a bang this year: Susan Morse on Nov 15 (Saturday, 7:30 p.m.; tickets still $8) is not to be missed!

The trails are in good shape this year, and have needed fairly little clearing. (Some clearing remains, awaiting the end of hunting season.) You will be glad to know that the scrub has been cleared from the two fields on the blue triangle that give the view over Vermont and the nice, gentle runs down to Noel Road: the "Wilson fields" now owned by Tom Bronson. That scrub was apple trees and hawthorn bushes, now getting to be two feet high and catching at boots and skis. For the work so far, thanks to Jean-Paul Clermont, Kip Cobbett, Peter Denis, Jake Kakebeeke, Peter Kohl, Ed Markwell, Mary Ann & Tim Merrett, Stephane Morin, and David Stanger.

The nature walks during the summer were again well attended: as last year, some thirty people enjoyed various of the five walks (averaging about ten on each occasion). Members and guests who learned about the plants and animals at Magoon Point, Ile du Marais, Marlington Bog, and around Geprgeville included: Bachelder Beatties, Boynton, Delorme, Denis, Cowans, Guy, Hadrill, Kohl, Lacoursiere, McTavish, Merrett, Pasztor, Rasmussen, Scott, Stanger, Taylor, Tierny, and Wolfe. One highlight was the visit to the McTavish Wetlands, led by Wayne McTavish. This tract of deciduous and coniferous woods, with its beaver swamp, dam, and stream, has been generously transferred to Memphremagog Wetlands Foundation, and a boardwalk is planned to make visits easier than the clamber and scramble we enjoyed in September.

The "S" in "GNS" was also very active last winter. Ski Day was oversubscribed as usual, and the "funskis" that we held once a month also continued successfully. On three weekends throughout the winter, a couple of dozen skiers of all abilities met at Murray Memorial Hall for a modest outing on one of the "downtown" ski trails (the blue north of McGowan Rd., or the Golf Course, say), followed by soup and sandwiches at the hall (or coffee and cake the one time we met on Sunday afternoon). Thanks to Joan and Peter Hadrill, Diane and Peter Kohl, and Mary and John Cowans, last winter's hosts!

The second annual return of Barbara and Errol Clift's "kids' ski day" was held on March 2nd, again on the Golf Course, thanks to Penny and Wayne McTavish, and ably organized by Ginnie Cartmel, Janet Partington, Mary Cartmel, Martine Kesber and members of the GNS Executive (special thanks to Peter Denis again this year for artfully made and treasured medals for all winners). The hilarious events, enjoyed by adults and young participants alike, included an obstacle course over hay bales (thank you, Fraser), under a tarpaulin, and ending with popping balloons by ski pole (try it!); a one-legged relay (two skiers, two skis on legs tied together, two skiless outer feet to push); and John Boynton's inimitable annual scavenger hunt.

Bird Count will be on Saturday, Dec. 27 this year.

Ski Day will be on Saturday, Feb. 7. (Don't forget to book early: we needed a waiting list last year.)

We also expect to hold Family Fun Skis again this year: on Sat. Jan 17, Sun. Feb 16 and Sat. March 20. And we plan another Young Families & Childrens' Ski Day for a Sunday afternoon at the beginning of March, depending on school schedules. All these dates may change, so please keep an eye on the Community Calendar and the noticeboards.

We hope to see you at as many of these events as possible.

Tim Merrett