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President's Report 2001 / Rapport du président 2001

Snow has been falling for the past three days, and although this early November snowfall may not stay - should not stay, even a keen skier may say - it makes me think of skiing and look forward to another wonderful winter.

Thanks to the work already of David Cox, Peter Denis, Brian Drummond, Peter Kohl, Guy Lord, Stephane Morin, and David Stanger, the trails at the village end have been cleared and ribboned. As soon as hunting season is over and the woods are safer, we will get to the further trails, and the system will be ready for the real snow. (The old blue trail furthest north from Georgeville, and the red trail through Straessles' land unfortunately remain blocked from the tornadoes of two summers ago.)

Do not forget the dates of the Bird Count (Thursday, Dec. 27) and of Ski Day (Saturday, Feb. 2). They will be as fun as ever.

Georgeville Nature Ski is indebted as always to the landowners, who generously offer winter passage across their land. Please remain considerate, glide silently through their unspoiled scenery, and don't forget to send in your waivers with your membership fee _before_ you set out on the trails. New maps are available, on request, to members who have paid for the year.

We would like to encourage more (responsible) use of our trails, which means getting more members. If you could each think of and invite one more person zto join GNS this year, your friend's winter enjoyment, and yours, can only be enhanced. Just photocopy the attached membership form and waiver, and ask her, him, or them to fill them out and send them in!

See you on the trails!

Tim Merrett