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President's Report 2000 / Rapport du président 2000

I am writing this during the heaviest snowfall of the year, on April 9, and wondering if any skiers are taking advantage of it. Not that anybody is complaining about lack of snow at the right times this year. The accumulation by February 5th combined with gorgeous weather to make it the most gratifying Ski Day in a while, as the cheerful atmosphere at dinner attested.

After the summer and late autumn winds, it looked for a while as though there might be little skiing on the Georgeville trails no matter what the snow and weather conditions. No trail was left undevastated, but thanks to the energy and determination of the executive and many volunteers, we were able to ski on every trail but two by the time the snow finally came. At Ski Day dinner I thanked almost all of those workers. Here is a more complete list of axe- and chain saw-wielders, trail clearers, and bridge-builders, all reporting to John Boynton.

Recipients of Ski Bird trophies this year were Ted Smith for unflagging dedication to grooming the Georgeville Ski Trails, and to Peter Hadrill and his grandson, Matthew O'Connor, for family devotion and for persistence beyond expectation, respectively, on the trail. The Ski Bird medals were, as always, hand-crafted by John Boynton from birchbark, and, as always, universally admired and hoped for. John's tablepieces were also, as always, universally admired, and this years' marked a new nature theme, the lake shore.

Despite the present bonanza, G.N.S. is no longer thinking snow but nature walks. Five are scheduled for the coming spring and summer, and announced in the Special Events calendar of the Georgeville Community Association. Keep May 6th free, from 10:00 until lunch, for the Spring Flower walk! Subsequent dates are May 20 (Katevale Marsh), June 26 (Marlington Bog), Aug. 26 (Lakeshore), and Oct. 7 (Autumn Trees). These all start Saturday mornings at 10:00 at the Community Centre, except for June 26 which is Monday morning of the long weekend. Write them in your agenda now!

Tim Merrett