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President's Report 1996 / Rapport du président 1996

We're still trying to find out what it takes to bring members out to our summer nature walks. They were announced in our spring letter, and in the Georgeville Community Calendar, but people stayed away in crowds!
There was a small turnout for the spring flower walk at l'Ile du Marais; only three people came to the Johnville bog in June, and the same number to the September Tree Walk. In October we combined nature with history when nine people visited the old limestone quarry, the ruins of the lime kiln and the abandoned cemetery at Magoon's Point.
We don't consider any of them to have been a failure, because the few who participated saw and learned so much, but were sorry that more of you didn't share in the seeing and learning. Should we try again next summer? Let us know what you think.
All ski trails have been walked and flagged; only a few windfalls remain to be cleared after the end of the hunting season. One minor change in routing had to be made this year, due to the construction of Greg and Lisa McTavish's house on the Blue Trail south of the village. The trail now joins the Yellow Trail near Michael Whittier's house, skirts his door-yard and follows the road into the Taylor Brook clearing, then picks up the old route at the rail fence. Every yellow ribbon on this stretch is accompanied by a blue one. If you can't follow this description don't worry -- just follow the blue ribbons.
Ted Smith has agreed to pack trails for us again this winter. Let's hope that there will be plenty of snow for him to pack.
Renovations about to get under way at the Murray Memorial Centre may prevent us from scheduling Ski Day on the customary weekend. Rest assured that there will be one -- and a Ski dinner -- somewhere, sometime! We'll let you know where and when just as soon as we can.
John Boynton