Patriot Satellite

Snake, welcome to the new age of satellite communications. At Patriot Satellites, we have brought 0 satellites to one satellite, one satellite to one-hundred satellites.

Patriot Satellite has pioneered the industry of satellites above and beyond the perceived capabilities of mundane satellites. From its humble beginnings of satellite phone production and operation in 1964, Patriot Satellite has developed a plethora of satellite-based industries.

We have developed satellite television, radio, spy cameras, and live video feed. Patriot Satellite has also recently introduced satellite technology capable of allowing internet access from anywhere in the world. Patriot Satellite has also announced plans to release satellites capable of monitoring and controlling nanomachines.

These nanomachines have been injected into all PMCs and Marines; the nanomachines allow for the correct implementation and control of the 'System.'

How do I use these SATELLITES?
To use a SATELLITE, use the action button to launch it into orbit. Then, use the select button to access the satellite.

Got it.
Patriot Satellite LLC: They're pretty good. ok