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[22 December 2006] JayFX version 0.0.2 is finally released. The new version fully supports the Java 5 enum types declarations. Enum type declaration is treated as a Java class by JayFX, and enum constants are treated as static fields. This revision also solved an previous obscure bug related to field initialization (please see #108).
[30 October 2006] JayFX version 0.0.1 is finally released. Please report any bug or problem to our Bugzilla database.
[28 October 2006] JayFX version 0.0.1 is ready to be deployed. However, we are currently dealing with an previously unknown bug. Upon the fix, a release should be available for download.


The JayFX Eclipse plug-in allows you to extract various relations (such as method calls) from a program, and to query the plug-in for relations between the different elements of a program. JayFX extracts program information by scanning all the source files in a project. The benefit of using JayFX is to allow very fast structural queries at the cost of an initial analysis time. JayFX is a new release of the plug-in formerly known as


The JayFX plug-in is now available for download. You can easily install JayFX and obtain its source code through Eclipse's update mechanism. JayFX is distributed under the terms of the
Eclipse Public License, v. 1.0

System requirements: Eclipse 3.2 or above, Java 1.5. JayFX is currently only tested on Windows and Linux.

To install JayFX:

  1. From the Eclipse menu bar, select Help | Software Updates | Find and Install...
  2. Select "Search for new features to install" and click Next >
  3. Click on the New Remote Site... button.
  4. For the name, enter "JayFX Update Site". For the URL, enter "", and click OK
  5. Select the new JayFX entry in the list and click Finish
  6. In the list of features to install, select the root node of the JayFX tree, and click Next >
  7. Select that you accept the terms of the license agreement, and click Next >
  8. Click Finish, and then Install
  9. Restart your workspace.

To obtain the source code of JayFX:

The JayFX source code is included in the plug-in library (ca.mcgill.cs.swevo.jayfx_installed_version.jar). To obtain the source code:

  1. Install JayFX as directed above.
  2. Find the directory named ca.mcgill.cs.swevo.jayfx_... in the plugin directory of your Eclipse installation.
  3. Unzip the file ca.mcgill.cs.swevo.jayfx_installed_version.jar.
To obtain the benchmark project

The JayFX Benchmark project is used for jUnit Testing and is also available for download.


To appear soon.


Search and report issues with Suade using
Bugzilla (JayFX product).


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