COMP 648
Motion Planning

Fall 2005-2006
Prof. Whitesides

General Information

Prerequisites: an undergraduate course in the design and analysis of algorithms, such as COMP 360.

Course Goals: Learn algorithmic and algebraic techniques for planning motion. Learn techniques for proving hardness results for motion planning problems. Become acquainted with the research themes in the area.

Time and Place: TuTh, 2:35-3:55pm, McConnell Engineering Building, room 320

Instructor: Prof. Whitesides, room 303 McConnell,
Hours: (Fall 2005-2006) TuTh 4-5:30, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant: Michel Langlois, mlangl5\ (note that the name is six letters followed by the number 5, and not five letters followed by the number 15), McConnell 312
Hours: (please send email)

Evaluation: homeworks (roughly 4) 15%, one midterm 25%, class participation 30%, (take-home) final 30%

No extra work is available to improve a mark. No programming is required on homeworks.

Textbook: Class handouts, web references

Background references: Shulich Library has on reserve most of these books. Note the free download here. Part II is especially relevant.

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