COMP 360

Fall 2003-04

Supplemental Exam

  • A McGill administered supplemental exam will be given immediately after the last day of exams for Winter term on either Monday May 3 or Tuesday, May 4, 2004. You must apply to the Faculties of Arts and Science Student Affairs Office to take this exam. There are eligibility requirements -- e.g., you must have received below a C for your final course grade. You must register for deferred exams by Thursday, January 15, and for supplemental exams by Monday, March 1.

  • For more information, check with the Student Affairs Office of the Faculties of Arts and Science. Their web site will have an application form available sometime before the deadlines.

  • Note. In the past, up to 20% of the final grades have been below C. Most people who take the supplemental exam are able to obtain a C or better. If you have gotten as far as COMP-360, you should be able to get that C or better grade during the regular semester; it's definitely the easier way to go.

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