COMP 360

Fall 2003-04


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Dec. 12: Tonight's problem session is confirmed. Note that it is in 103 McConnell, 6-8pm.

Dec. 12: All unpicked up homeworks, etc. will be available at the review session on Monday evening.

Dec. 12: Solutions for hw4 are scheduled to appear today.

Dec. 9: Review/problem sessions: Friday, Dec. 12, 103 McConnell, 6-8pm (this has been CONFIRMED); AND Monday, Dec. 15, Burnside Hall 1B39, 7:35pm-9:25pm (CONFIRMED).

Dec. 9: Final exam information: The final exam is comprehensive, but puts more emphasis on the material covered since the last midterm. The final exam takes place Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2pm-5pm, in Maass.

Nov. 26: As usual, Homework V is due on Friday (Nov. 28) at noon; for half credit, late homework will be accepted in the drop box until noon on Monday, Dec. 1. Homework must be submitted to the drop box.

Nov. 26: Typo: On Homework V, in the definition of the IS problem, note that a positive integer k should be given along with the graph, and the question should ask whether there is an independent set of size equal to or greater than k. In the original version of Homework V, the k was omitted. This has been corrected in the current version.

Nov. 26: Confirmation: There IS a tutorial this evening in the usual place and time for tutorials.

Nov. 21: Homework V is available on the homework menu.

Nov. 13: The original version of Homework IV had a couple of typos. In question 3a, the "m" refers to the number |E| of edges in the network. In question 4a, of course _all_ the variables (including x2) should be non-negative. These typos have been corrected in the current version.

Nov. 11: Homework IV has been posted. There will be tutorials on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 12 and 13.

Nov. 11: Midterm II was returned in class last Thursday.

Nov. 5: Interested in finding out about data mining? There's a _free_ conference on the subject in Montreal, Nov. 13-14. Both undergrads and grads are invited. There is more info at:

Oct. 29: Prof. Whitesides will hold a review session for Midterm II on Monday, Nov. 3, 6:05-7:25pm, in Otto MAASS 328.

Oct. 28: Please recall that Midterm II will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 6:05-7:55pm, in LEA 26 (same room as before). The midterm will cover the material discussed in class through the lecture of Oct. 28, i.e., the strongly connected components algorithm, including the class handout, shortest path algorithms including Dykstra, Bellman-Ford, and Floyd-Warshall, and network flows, including the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm. You should be able to carry out and communicate solutions to concrete examples, and also, you should understand the theory behind the proofs of correctness for these algorithms.

Oct. 28: tutorials this week: In addition to the tutorial on Tuesday, Oct. 28, announced in class, there will be another tutorial on Wednesday, Oct. 29, in the usual time and place (see announcement of Sept. 30). Purpose: go over the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm in detail.

Oct. 28: Homework 3 has been returned. Please see the professor (TuWeTh 9:30 - 10:30 or in class) if you did not get your assignment back yet.

Oct. 16: Homework 3 has been posted on the homework menu.

Oct. 8: The midterms will be returned in class on Thursday, Oct. 9. Also, notes on the Strongly Connected Components algorithm will be distributed.

Oct. 3: As announced in class, no late homework will be accepted for HWII. We plan to return Homework II at the review session on Monday, Oct. 6 (see announcement of Sept. 30) and/or during class on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Oct. 3: The office hour locations for Monday's TA hours are: Mark, McConnell 106, 10-11am and Maxime, McConnell 408, 2-3pm

Sept. 30: There will be a review session for Midterm 1 on Monday, Oct. 6, at 6:05-7:25pm in MAASS 328. Also, TA Mark Mercer will have an office hour 10-11 on Monday, in McConnell 106 and TA Maxime Descoteaux will have an office hour 2-3 on Monday in McConnell 408.

Sept. 30: Tutorials will be held tonight and tomorrow night for Homework 2, which is due Friday at noon. To access the tutorial room STBIO S3/3 at 6pm, enter the north wing of the building, go to the 3rd floor, and take the bridge across to the south wing.

Sept. 18: Homework 2 is now available on the homework page.

Sept. 18: Surprise! The new Trottier Building will not be ready for our class on Tuesday, Sept. 23 after all. Please go to Wilson 103 as usual. On Thursday, Sept. 25, the class might meet in Trottier ... but then it might not. No announcement will appear here (SW is away). Listen for an announcement in class on Tues. On Thurs., start with Wilson 103 and perhaps there will be a sign on the door redirecting you. Sorry for the uncertainty!

Sept. 18: Curious about graduate school? Here is an information session (and some pizza) just for you.

Sept. 16: The midterms have been confirmed: Midterm I will take place on Tues. Oct. 7, 6:05-7:55pm, in Leacock room 26; Midterm II will take place on Tues. Nov. 4, 6:05-7:55pm, also in Leacock room 26.

Sept. 16: Reading assignments are now appearing on the approximate schedule menu item on the course home page.

Sept. 16: Beginning on Tues. Sept. 23, our class will take place in the new Trottier Building, room 2120.

Sept. 16: Prof. Whitesides will be attending a meeting next week; the classes of Tues. Sept. 23 and Thurs. Sept 25 will be given by Prof. Vetta. The material he covers will be regular course material that will be examined on the midterm and final (rather than a "guest lecture" format).

Sept. 16: Homework I is due on Friday, Sept. 19, by noon, in the course drop-off box located near the elevators on the 1st floor of McConnell Engineering Bldg. Late homework will be accepted until Monday noon, Sept. 22 (for 1/2 the original marks).

Sept. 15: Tutorials will take place on Tues. and Wed., Sept. 16 and 17, in Stuart Biology Building, room S3/3 (or should that be S313? Apparently, S means the South part of the building), at 6:05-7:25 pm.

Sept. 3: Announcements will appear here. This is the first one.

Midterm I Exam information see top announcement of Sept. 16