Software Engineering Research Group
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Professors whose main research association is the Software Engineering Research Group.

Jörg KienzleFault tolerance (hardware and software fault tolerance, transactions, exception handling), software engineering (software development methods, software architecture) and aspect-oriented programming
Martin RobillardSoftware engineering, software evolution and maintenance, reverse engineering, aspect-oriented software development, program understanding, software modularity, static analysis, empirical software engineering

Associated Faculty

Professors conducting research in related areas.

Laurie HendrenCompiler analyses and tools for object-oriented and aspect-oriented progamming languages.
Brigite PientkaLogic and computation, type theory, theorem proving, logical frameworks and theory of programming languages.
Clark VerbruggeConcurrency designs and abstractions, compiler/runtime optimization and analysis, and formalization of modern computer games.
Hans VangheluweMeta-modelling, domain-specific visual modelling, modelling and simulation based design, graph rewriting for model evolution and transformation.


See the web pages of individual profs for lists of students working on software engineering projects.