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The Dialects
West Flemish
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Position of Zuid-Gelders (Marked dark Blue) within the Dutch speaking area
Position of Zuid-Gelders (Marked dark Blue) within the Dutch speaking area

Zuid-Gelders (Kleverlands) is the dialect of the Dutch language that is spoken in the Veluwezoom, around Nijmegen, in the Bommelerwaard, other areas of the Netherlands, and traditionally parts of Germany including Duisburg and partly Wuppertal up to Wenden, which is the only Westphalian municipality.

Each of the dialects from the Zuid-Gelders group has most features shared with the Brabantic dialects. The Zuid-Gelders dialects form no unity against the Brabantic dialects, i.e. they are not more closely related to each other than to any Brabantic dialect. There also exists no isogloss bundle between the "Brabantic" and "Zuid-Gelders" dialects: the distinction is thus purely conventional. To the south of Venlo and -at least formerly- in the area of today's Duisburg it borders to the Limburgish language. Zuid-Gelders is part of the Low Franconian languages, which are West Germanic languages. Zuid-Gelders is considered a dialect of Low Rhenish in Germany. Low Rhenish is to include Limburgish as the only other form according to this definition. Together they belong to the greater Maas-Rhine area, a large group of southeast Low Franconian dialects. This group is called Maas-Rhenish (Dutch: Maas-Rijnlands, German: Rheinmaasländisch) by the Amsterdam Linguist Ad Welschen.
A dialect of Zuid-Gelders origin spoken in the United States is Pella Dutch. Among the local variants of Zuid-Gelders spoken in the Netherlands are Zevenaars, Waals and Nijmegens.

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