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SOS Children Zambia

The republic of Zambia is in south central Africa. It was potentially one of the richest countries on the continent, but is now amongst the world's poorest. The avaerge daily income is about 60p. The economy has been in serious decline since the mid 1970s due to civil unrest and corruption, and more than half the population lives below the poverty line. Cuts in government spending on social services mean that people now have to pay for basic health care and education. There is an extremely high number of children in need in Zambia, either orphaned or neglected, due to the rural exodus in search of employment which is destroying the traditional concept of extended families or because of the AIDS epidemic. At least 50 per cent of Zambia's population are expected to die of HIV related diseases in the next three years. Life expectancy is 32.5 years.

The charity began its work in Zambia in September 1999 when the first families moved into the charity's Lusaka community, situated about 4 miles from the city centre in a densely populated and very poor area. The 40 acre site was donated by the Zambian government. The 15 family houses have been built in groups of three in the local style, using red burnt clay bricks with green roof tiles, and are surrounded by eucalyptus trees. The grounds have been planted with ornamental trees, flowers and grass. As well as the family houses, there is a youth house and a kindergarten which pre-school age children from the local community also attend and are given two meals a day, with priority given to children from the poorest families. A primary school and medical centre, which caters for 10,000 patients a year, have since been added as well as a social centre whose main focus is a community outreach programme for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

SOS Children Sponsorship Locations in Zambia

In Zambia there are 75,000 children who are homeless orphans, many affected by HIV/AIDS. SOS Children is supporting a project in Lusaka which will help 1000 street children. This will provide mobile education facilities and encourage children to attend the social centre for training in vocational skills. The social centre provides hot nutritional food, washing facilities and clean clothes.

A second SOS Children’s Village has been opened in Kitwe, the capital of the Copperbelt region in northern Zambia, an area of increasing poverty due to falling copper prices. The village has 16 family houses for 190 orphaned and abandoned children. There is also a kindergarten which focuses on children from the local community who have special needs. There is also a primary school for 700 children. The SOS Social Centre provides practical help and counselling to 2000 families in the local community affected by HIV/AIDS. The SOS Medical Centre treats patients from 10,000 families in the local community.

A third SOS Children’s Village is planned to be built at Livingstone, about 300 miles south of Lusaka. It will have 15 family homes for 150 orphaned and abandoned children, nursery and primary schools and social centres focussing on family strengthening and helping children and their families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Aids Orphan Projects

See also more information on our Charity's African Aids Orphan projects in Zambia.

Local Contacts

SOS Children in Zambia
SOS Children's Villages of Zambia Trust, Plot 20092, Great North Road, P.O. Box 37907, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260/1/242 730 or +260/1/242 731
Fax: +260/1/242 732

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