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Charity Wristbands for World Orphan Week


A Detail of A WOW (World Oprhan Week) Wristband

As worn by Jean-Christophe's team on "Hell's Kitchen"
Also worn by many stars at the Classic Response concert. Most of these performers have given us personally autographed charity wristbands, which we will auction for world orphan week.

We have these wristbands available, at a cost of £1 per wristband plus package and postage. We have arranged to have these charity wristbands manufactured directly because we think this gives higher quality and because this reduces our costs. The wristbands cost less than 10p each to make, so 90p from each one goes straight to the charity's work. They have "WOW" in our special logo typeface on one side and "" on the other.

You can order wrist bands online

If you want to help a child alone please also consider sponsoring a child if you can.

Currently orders for wristbands are being put in the post within 7 days (less for large orders). We can accept orders of just one or two wristbands since we are fortunate to have volunteers to pack and send them. Do you live in Cambridge with some time to spare? You could help keep our charity costs so low by volunteering!

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