Buy WOW wrist bands
to support SOS Children

You can purchase WOW Wristbands from this page.
You will need a debit or credit card to pay for them.
If you don't have a card, please place your order by post.

The wrist bands cost 1 each.

Postage is 50p for up to 5 bands, 1 for 6 to 20 bands,
1.50 for 21 to 50 bands and 2 for 51 to 1000 bands.

Number of wrist bands:
SOS Children's Villages
WOW wrist band detail

SOS Children refers to the worldwide work of SOS-KDI and is a trading name for SOS Children's Villages UK

For further information about our work please see our children charity web site or sponsoring a child.

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