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Hold an event

The WOW team in action at the 10K Run, London

Help us help more children one by one.

WOW is the time for YOU to make a difference - and it's really that simple!

Want to give it a go? Want to make a difference?

Get on board and help us do some serious fundraising! These funds really will give orphans a brighter future.

Fundraising is fun and immensely rewarding. And the great thing is that there are so many different ways of doing it. Anyone can become a successful fundraiser for WOW, whatever their skills and abilities.

Here are just a few ideas:

Do you like sport? Do you belong to a club?
Inject the WOW factor into your favourite sport and organise a special event, with all proceeds donated to WOW. Hold a tennis tournament, half marathon, golf day, swimathon, badminton competition, special cricket match ... the possibilities are endless!

Can you bring people together?
Get together with your friends and raise money for WOW: hold a pub quiz, coffee morning, bring and buy, dinner dance, barbecue, picnic - even a sponsored bike ride!

Are you at School?
Get your teachers and classmates switched on to raising funds for WOW - organise a non-uniform day and get everyone wearing WOW wristbands - you could even sell them yourself! Email for more information on how to sell wristbands at your school.

Can you raise funds for WOW at work?
Choose WOW as your charity campaign! Adopting a cause is a great way of building good staff relationships: whose team will raise the most money for WOW? Get your colleagues to donate an hour's pay during WOW - with the MD leading the way, of course!

And there are hundreds of other fundraising ideas. The more imaginative the activity, the more fun it is.

Get in touch with the WOW team who'll be more than happy to provide you with advice, help or support. You can call us on 01223 365589 or email:

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