Fundraise At Work

Dress up or down for WOW!!

WOW 2006 will take place 2-8 October 2006.

We would like to work with companies across the UK in the run up to WOW and during WOW itself.

WOW will offer companies opportunities for their staff to work together and be a part of a nationwide campaign. Your contribution counts - and it's easy to make a difference Here are just a few examples of how you could help WOW:

  • Choose WOW as your company's charity campaign. Adopting a cause is a great way of building good staff relationships - whose team will raise the most money for WOW?

  • Get your colleagues to donate an hour's pay during WOW - with the MD leading the way of course! You can download our simple form here and circulate amongst your colleagues - this is easy to do with email. You'll see how quickly the money will start coming.

  • You can also download an information sheet on WOW to go with it.

  • Give As You Earn - start payroll giving - the easy and tax-effective way to help World Orphan Week. You can read more information here on how payroll giving works and the benefits for you and your company. Download our simple payroll giving form here and start donating tax-free to WOW directly from your salary. Circulate this form amongst your colleagues and encourage them to donate regularly to WOW as well! For further information on how to set up a payroll giving scheme in your company visit

  • Hold an event at your office for WOW. There are lots of fun ideas such as a family fun day - a day that staff and their families can enjoy - bouncy castles, competitions, entertainment. Another idea is a dress-down day - everyone pays to dress down for the day. To make it more interesting you could give it a theme - why not ask everyone to wear something green for WOW? Another fun activity is a guess the baby competition - people in the office bring in photos of themselves as babies then everyone has to pay to enter and guess who the baby is! A prize for the winner.

Get in touch with the WOW team for further information or advice. We would be happy to come and meet with you to discuss ideas. Call 01223 365589 or email

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